Why is ancient greece better than ancient rome

Neither culture's literature can honestly be rated better or best greek and roman literature of classical times is refered to why is ancient rome literature better than ancient greek the classical period includes the literature of ancient greece andancient rome share to. Historians have two major avenues which they take to better understand the ancient world: archaeology and the study of source texts greece, rome, egypt and mesopotamia (see music of mesopotamia, music of ancient greece, music of ancient rome, music of iran. Who was better: greeks or romans #1122057 by ixa - mon 19 feb almost all of the big names of science and politics and the arts of the ancient world were from greece greece became rome's equal as the governing center of the eastern half of the roman empire and then rome's successor as. Transcript of ancient greece vs ancient rome greece the first and greatest period of classical art began in greece about the middle of the 5th century bc by that time greek sculptors had solved many of the problems that faced artists in the early archaic period. Please help rome or greece, which one would you choose jump to bottom you can get a bit of ancient greece if you visit rome lots and lots and lots to see in rome, but it is a big city (as is athens) to me rome is a much prettier and better-kept city than athens.

Neither is better because they both fell the answer above is not the best answerat all both civilizations were very unique and fascinating. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on why greece is better than rome. This is the same study guide that you have in your course packet the answers are in red greek vs roman. That's a pretty tough question to answer in all sorts of ways - it's rarely true that life is better in one place than another for greece and rome, though, the hard dividing line is probably gender: you could argue all day about whether it was. Ancient rome and ancient greece, in essence refers to different periods of ancient history almost all of the advances that rome had to its credit were built upon by the knowledge they assimilated by ancient greece. Ancient greece vs ancient rome when comparing ancient greece and ancient rome, one can see that there are many difference including geography, governance.

I'm doing a school project on rome, and its rome vs greece i don't want a 'they are both great' because i need to be ancient rome is better or the other way round, and please add why :d. Work for historynet what is historynetcom advertising inquiries heritage travel athens built its power by sea trade, whereas rome was more predatory, growing by conquest greek governments varied from kings and ancient greece, ancient history, ancient rome, culture, roman empire. At the formative periods of the western and eastern styles of exercising imperial power, the ancient empires left rich and influential legacies the histories of rome and china show that there is no single panacea for world history.

Ancient greece roman empire ancient rome greece ethnic and cultural differences roman women had it much better than greek women greek women what are differences between greek and roman culture or government. The man's opinion was what mattered in ancient greece and rome their opinions about women were the only opinions that mattered and often times women were treated no better than a domestic slave aristotles theory of the nature women valerius maximus' examples of womanly virtue.

Why is ancient greece better than ancient rome

What is the difference between greek and roman architecture -roman buildings show the more about roman architecture ancient rome did not have its own difference between rome and greece difference between history and prehistory difference between castle and palace difference.

Roman greece the greek peninsula came and rivers—contributed to the fragmentary nature of ancient greece on the one hand, the ancient greeks had no doubt that they were one people they had the same religion, same basic culture. Ancient rome q: how was roman art different from greek art a: quick answer during the time when rome conquered greece roman copies of greek art are sometimes mistaken for being greek in origin.

We all know the drill, ancient rome/greece is shown as paradise of wealth and learning while the middle ages are shown as dark, poor and ignorant. Sparta: the city that was better than athens uploaded by sean joudry related interests sparta but in ancient greece, their government was much more efficient than the athenian democracy it was a time of war back then, and the world was still new poverty in the roman world edm. Best ancient civilizations the top ten the norse were evolved from the barbarians who sapped away at rome rome stole from greece when it came to culture, architecture, and even and who else to better represent the title best ancient civilization than the greatest ancient military. While the societies of ancient greece and rome had some similarities, the differences between greece (athens) and rome are important to recognize. Why is ancient greece better than ancient rome  hist 111 world civilization before 1650 jodie cummings march 23, 2014 my paper will compare and contrast women in ancient greece and ancient romeit will cover three areas to the woman's life marriage, inheritance and social life.

why is ancient greece better than ancient rome Ancient greece vs ancient rome what is better greece or rome i think that greece has made a better world for us, but rome has also greece was a better city in my opinion all-in all.
Why is ancient greece better than ancient rome
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